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We're Dealing Your Way
Sales: (219) 263-0114 | Service: (219) 476-3396
  • Dealership Contacts (219) 263-0114
    • Dan Brubaker Photo
      Dan Brubaker
      General Manager
  • Sales (219) 263-0114
    • Ron Gale Photo
      Ron Gale
      Sales Manager
    • Mike Spudic Photo
      Mike Spudic
      Sales Consultant
    • Michael Thiele Photo
      Michael Thiele
      Sales Consultant
    • Dave Volk Photo
      Dave Volk
      Sales Consultant
    • Ed Suda Photo
      Ed Suda
      Sales Consultant
  • Finance (219) 263-0114
    • Russ Fields Photo
      Russ Fields
      Finance Manager